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Education on the best brands for baby. Shouting about the best offers in-store. No nonsense advice on the basics of being a first-time Mum. Our tone, dialect and content formats are optimised for the modern social Mum.
Best brands for baby

First-time Mums want the best for their baby. They want simple straightforward recommendations from faces they trust. Our in-house irish Mummy influencers speak to them like they’re their mate.

Building Brand Trust

Not a baby brand or retailer but looking to establish trust with Irish Mums? We have a number of content sponsorship opportunities designed to help boost brand affinity for credible clients.

Driving sales

Mums love a bargain. Our retail group and brand sales love selling volume. When we shout about an in-store special offer, we have a track record of driving significant and measurable sales increases.


Our BabyDoc Box is an innovative route for partner brands to get full size samples into the hands of first-time Mums. Optimised to the recipient’s stage of journey – we follow-up with surveys & share results.

Strategy Consultants

Our commerical team have over 10k hours category expertise. If you’re looking for advice on pricing, packaging, positioning or communications and content then look no further!

Research & Insight

Want a high level overview of the market – we survey 1,000 of our Mums to learn more. Or perhaps you want to eavesdrop on one of our casual Mummy focus groups. We have the insights you need.

Loved by BabyDoc Mums

The power of a credible endorsement from a trusted brand. Select few brands may apply to achieve this status. Tested by a panel of independent BabyDoc Mums – their feedback forms a powerful national campaign.

Consumer Guides

First-time Mums don’t have a breeze where to start when it comes to buying for baby. Our entirely unsponsored consumer guides steer them toward the brands we recommend. Available in ebook & print.

Trusted by premium brands

Our clients have NO TIME. We make life easy. We are the experts. Unilever, Pampers, NUK, Boots, Tesco, MAM and lots more choose us because we achieve their KPIs and give time back to them. Find out how.

Our fresh approach to building brands

Brands big and small, the Tenacious way is to grow client market share by treating every product like it’s entering the market for the first time. If your brand legitimately has a benefit to communicate to Irish first-time parents, go ahead and get in touch. No junk. No fast food. Just quality brands.

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An entirely unsponsored consumer guide aimed at first-time parents. This manual demonstrates our unrivalled depth of category expertise.

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